Out of this World Necklace Collection

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You will be over the moon with this out of this world necklace collection! From suns, to stars, to moons, all featuring genuine stone beads and suspended from 12" long sterling silver chains. Read below for specific healing stone information.

Pendant #1- Moonstone and labradorite with a circle moon charm.

Pendant #2- Jade and opalite with a gold star charm.

Pendant #3- Carnelian and jade with a sun/moon charm.

Pendant #4- Moonstone and hematite with a half moon charm.

Pendant #5- Charoite and labradorite with a purple saturn charm.

Pendant #6- Aquamarine and amethyst with a silver star charm.

Pendant #7-Carnelian with a sun charm.

Pendant #8- Black labradorite and opalite with a half moon charm.

Pendant #9- Amethyst and onyx with a saturn charm.