"Ethereal Dreams" Moon Quartz Hoop Earrings

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These stunning one of a kind hoop earrings are honestly my favourite earrings I've made. Featuring gold moon connectors, quartz points, two sunburst charms and an aura quartz bead. They are so light to wear, they measure about 2.5" long. These will make a statement while you wear them.

Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz is a high energy Crystal and is said to be very helpful for removing energy blockages, whilst cleansing and balancing the the Chakras. It is also said to be great for helping to centre and calm erratic emotions, and to access positive emotions more easily. Aura Quartz makes a wonderful meditation companion. If you are someone who struggles to quieten your mind whilst meditating using a piece of this to hold, letting yourself go right into each of the colours, it can be very mind clearing.