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*SOLD OUT! But I am custom making these to order. message me for yours!šŸ„°šŸ’œ*


My original bowl pokey hhaveĀ arrived! Say hello to this adorable multipurpose 420 tool. Choose between 12 cute designs. I was tired of destroying bobby pins, toothpicks etc so I came up with a cute solution. All pokeys are handmade from thick, sturdy wire and have so many uses. I made one for myself and I use it constantly! So easy to clean, just heat up for a second and wipe or wipe with alcohol. Each pokey measures between 5-6" long. Each one features a cute silver charm and genuine crystal beads.

PokeyĀ uses:

  • clean out your bong bowl
  • clean out your pipe
  • stick it in a planter as a cute accessory
  • scrape your grinder

Also perfect for the witchy soul who wants to combine their love of crystal healing and plant medicine!

Skull-Ā greenĀ skull bead, turquoise, aventurineĀ with a silver skull charm

Anchor- Blue quartz, larimar with an anchor charm

Sun- Carnelian, citrine with a sun charm

Cloud- Opalite, aventurine with a cloud charm

Alpaca- Carnelian with a alpaca charm

Silver Moon- Amethyst with a silver moon charm

Marijuana Leaf- Jade with ceramic beads and a leaf charm

Owl- Pink owl bead, rose quartz, pink quartz and an owl charm

Shroom- Shroom bead, carnelian with a shroom charm

Mermaid-Opalite, lapis lazuli, obsidian bead with a mermaid charm

Sun- Citrine, carnelian with a sun charm

Cat- Ceramic cat charm, blue quartz, ceramic beads with a paw print charm

Astronaut- Amethyst, hematite with an astronaut charm

Learn more about healing crystals here: