Hand Beaded Medicine Pouch

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These stunning, handed beaded pouches are so unique. They are perfect to wear as necklaces, to hang in your car, to wear during an adventure to collect rocks etc. So many uses for these beauties. Choose between 5 different pouches! Each one features a 17" long beaded strap and a little beaded button to close/open your pouch. The bag measures 2 1/2 inches long & 1 1/2 inches wide.

An indigenous medicine bag or medicine bundle is a container for items believed to protect or give spiritual powers to its owner. Varying in size, it could be small enough to wear around the neck or it could be a large bag with a long strap called a “bandolier.” The size of the bag is determined by how many items need to be carried.

In historic times, medicine men and shamans generally carried a large medicine bundle that could hold numerous items such as seeds, herbs, pine cones, grass, animal teeth or claws, horsehair, rocks, tobacco, beads, arrowheads, bones, or anything else of relatively small size that possessed spiritual value to the bundle’s owner. Warriors also carried bundles that included items that were important to him such as rattles, animal furs, special stones, or anything that meant something to the owner.