24k Pure Gold Nugget Cross Pendants

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These pendants are near & dear to my heart. This stunning 24k pure gold was mined 15km from my house in Jade City BC. Mined by a good friend of mine & myself. He taught me how to mine/process/clean gold & I learned a great deal. These nuggets were mined with extreme care from Mcdame Creek area & then hand soldered into these stunning, delicate crosses. These two gold nugget creations are so unique, and so special. Two too choose from, both similar yet so different. The rounded bottom weighs 3.2g & the pointed bottom weighs 3.5g. Get your hands on these unique pendants that will be sure to capture attention. Absolutely one of a kind. Pendant only(no chain). These are ready to be fitted to your chain of choice. 

The gold price in canada is currently $73.54 cad per gram. The raw weight of the gold alone is worth $257.39. Not to mention the hours went into mining, processing & creating these nuggets into wearable jewelry. They were truly hard to put a value on. 


Gold symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of "All That Is".  It is symbolic of spirituality and development in the realm of complete understanding, allowing one to both attain and maintain communion with the source of all being. Gold has been called "the master healer".  It is an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body. Gold helps one to improve one's character via learning, lessening the trauma associated with situations experienced during the gain of knowledge. It assists one to activate, to mobilize, and to actualize the intrinsic potential of the self. The energy of gold can be used to balance the energy fields and to assist one in the elimination of ego conflicts and feelings of futility. It can also help to assuage the overburden of responsibility, to combat feelings of depression and inferiority, to allow one to both understand and to dispense with self-reproach, and to cal excitation and states of anger. Gold has been used in the development, purification, and balancing of the heart chakra and for the amplification of thought-forms. The purity of gold is said to help one to preserve higher thought forms for later retrieval. Gold has also been used to open and to activate the third-eye and crown chakras. It has been said to attract honours, wealth, and happiness; to provide composure, to stabilize the emotional system, to alleviate tension and stress, and to amplify positive feelings. It also assists one in attuning to nature and its healing forces. It can clear negativity from the chakras and the energy fields of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies, while transferring the vitality of any companion mineral to the affected area. Gold produces an energy which is both cooperative and receptive, allowing for extensive use with other gemstones; it is capable of attracting and maintaining those qualities which are inherent within the additional stone. When in proximity to another mineral, gold provides a stabilizing influence to the energies of that mineral.