Medium Raw Bornite Chunks

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These crystals are perfect for the crystal collector, witchy soul, rock hound, crystal healer etc in your life! A perfect starter crystal. This stone is also known as "peacock ore" because of the stunning colours. These stunning beauties have been hand selected by me for their quality. Choose between 3 chunks.

Chunk 1- measure 1.5" tall by 2" wide

Chunk 2- measures- 1.5" tall by 2" wide

Chunk 3- measures 2" tall by 2" wide

Healing Crystal Properties


Bornite is the stone of happiness and imparts the message that life is truly joyful. Bornite is used to protect from negativity and remove blocks that prevent reaching goals. Bornite helps release that which is no longer useful, breaking old patterns of thought and emotion.